HONESTY AND QUALITY: we are fully committed to delivering top quality cosmetics and providing credible, transparent product information.


All our creams, lotions and gels are made using organic, cold pressed vegetable oils, essential oils and hydrolats. We at Yeidra search high and low to find formulations designed to deliver real results.

The high concentration of active ingredients, the synergy between them, and the exquisite selection of raw materials used in Yeidra’s organic beauty products makes them highly effective.

All our product ingredients are approved by various organic and all-natural cosmetic certification authorities. Our entire range is certified by BioInspecta, according to the BioVidaSana Standard, in Category I.

Yeidra has obtained EcoPlus accreditation in recognition of its commitment to providing cosmetics with high organic content.

Yeidra products contain no synthetic scents, only organic essential oils. They provide a soft and gentle aroma which settles a few minutes after application.

Our packaging guarantees perfect product conservation and is designed to minimise waste.

All our products fulfil the requirements of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Health Products, with registration number 2297-CS.


We are committed to offering organic, cruelty-free products, which are subject to the strictest health and quality controls.

We promise to:

  • Thoroughly study and test our products and be confident of their usefulness and quality.
  • Offer honest, accurate and detailed information about each and every one of our products and the ways in which they are made.
  • Gather information through customer satisfaction surveys, analyse feedback and make necessary improvements.

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