YEIDRA Selección is a project which seeks to innovate and promote organic cosmetics, offering real alternatives to the limitations of conventional beauty products.

We’re committed to contributing to sustainable development with environmental and societal goals, while working to offer our customers natural and organic cosmetics of the highest quality.

We aim to be a leading force in the organic cosmetics industry. That’s why we offer products formulated using natural, organic ingredients, specially selected by those who know best.

Yeidra’s mission and vision:


The main cornerstones of our work are HONESTY and QUALITY. We are fully committed to offering high quality products and providing transparent and reliable product information at a reasonable price.

As part of this commitment, Yeidra plays an active role in , a group of businesses which work together to promote TRANSPARENCY, INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY and COOPERATION.

SANNAS is a very different type of association which centres around the concept of an economic, ecological and social balance in business.

We are a company in constant evolution. We are committed to making sense of what and how we produce our goods and the way in which they are consumed. In short, we want to contribute to changing the way the business and consumerism is understood, by familiarising ourselves with a new type of consumer, who is increasingly

  • More informed, more responsible and more committed.
  • More conscious of the products they purchase and use.
  • More interested in the type of company they are supporting. (A business model that is cleaner, more honest, more committed to its social and natural environment).